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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ACT Music Review

Music Review:

Linkin Park

Minutes to Midnight.

Linkin Park’s new album, Minutes to Midnight, is a great work of art if you like this kind of music, if you don’t, then why are you even reading this review? I’m going to try a track by track review (I’m listening while I’m writing). K, here goes.

1. Wake: Great intro to the album, hard to give this a rating compared to the other songs considering it’s all instrumental, but in that class it’s tops so – 5 / 5

2. Given Up: This is a fun high energy song, despite the rather depressing lyrics you can’t help but keep listening to it. Linkin par is definitely evolving with this album, moving toward the emo side, it suits them, they do it very well. Not perfect, but pretty close – 4 and a half / 5

3. Leave Out All The Rest: Again, they stray from their normal path with this slow song, this isn’t my favorite song on the album, his voice is better for the high energy screamy rock songs – 4 / 5

4. Bleed It Out: Love this song, it shows they’re not afraid of saying what they want, great energy, you can tell they’re having fun on this one. Again, lapsing to the emo side, but it works! – 5 / 5

5. Shadow of the Day: Another slow song. He sounds a little off key at times, an interesting choice, kind of changes up the slowness, it works well. – 4 / 5

6. What I’ve Done: Great song, listen to it, let it mean to you what you want. This is my personal favorite on the album. – 5 / 5

7. Hands Held High: This one, a solo by their “rapper”, is slower with some deep meaning behind, a good view of the life of people out there, stickin it to Bush now and then, but alot of people are at the moment, I think this song is amazing, one of their best ever, despite the cheesy chorus of “Amen”s. – 5 / 5

8. No More Sorrow: Getting back to some of their roots, this song is a good break from the slower stuff. Great vocals in this one, can’t help but sing along. Pretty close to perfect, but I can’t give it 5 compared to the last 2 songs – 4 and a half / 5

9. Valentines Day: This one is pretty cheesy, definitely my least favorite on this album, very self centered, almost becoming the stereotypical pop song of “oh, my life sucks cuz I didn’t get that Ferrari for my birthday” stuff, you know, not quite that bad, I hope they don’t continue along this string. – 2 / 5

10. In Between: Another slow solo by the “rapper” (sorry, I can’t recall his name at the moment), this one falls short of the expectations after Hands Held High. – 2 and a half / 5

11. In Pieces: This one gets better the more you listen to it, if I had just gotten this album I would have given this song a 2 or 3, but I like it alot more now, worth paying attention to. – 4 / 5

12. Littlest Things Give You Away: A good way to end the album, nice long slower song (not all ways slower) about betrayal and such, another one that gets better the more you listen to it. – 5 / 5

All in all a great album. But if you or your parents have sensitive ears try and find a clean version, they drop the F word a few times. It strays from their Rock/Rap picture, but it’s a good thing in this case, alot of people don’t like it when their bands evolve but they have to, to survive, and with this album, Linkin Park will be surviving for a long time to come. Grammy’s, here they come!


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Anonymous said...

great review, Grant!
I want more like this.

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